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Hello. Welcome to the website of A1 Corporate Events.

What is A1 Corporate Events about?

The concept of A1 Corporate Events is go into a business and work out the business culture. By doing this we can design packages for events, team building activities and/ or training. This could be a number of events set up and organised for the businesses over the year, e.g. one being the Christmas party and then having other events and activities during the year.


Advantages are:
1. Not being paid like an employee so there is no payroll, tax, superannuation, leave entitles. Just an invoice
2. This saves time, productivity and money
a. What this means is that we do all the organising for the event so business owner(s) or employees do not have to spend their time on this. They can keep their productivity up by doing their jobs.
b. We also have the latest up to date packages and value add ons that people may not be able and / or aware to get normally.

What Events, Team building Activities and Training do we organise?
There are a wide range of events and activities so I will break it down with some examples.


  1. We do Corporate Sponsorship Packages
    a. This is like a number of different sponsorship packages for example sport packages, AFL, Ashes, and also other packages like the V8 Supercar Challenge.
    2. Teambuilding activities that are sport related or outdoor
    a. Examples are traditional team building activities or other sports like golf packages, Bubble Soccer, Paintball Skirmish, Charter boats for fishing.
    3. Other teambuilding packages, e.g. scavenger hunts, to sleuthing together in Egyption chambers, to Murder mystery, Click Colour cards, cooking classes etc.
    4. We can organise less strenuous packages like our corporate pamper packages at Luxury day spas. Dining and entertainment packages.
    5. We can organise
    a. Conferences
    b. Expos
    c. Seminars & Workshops
    d. Guest Speakers, there is a repertoire of quest speakers ranging from topics to do with Business, Leadership, Sport, Spiritual, Inspiration and motivation
    6. End of Financial Year Events
    7. Christmas Functions and events
    8. Of course I cannot forget Corporate Bus Tours with our sister business Busaround Tours.
    a. POD The only events Manager organiser that has the Australian Accredited Tourism Tick
    b. Corporate Bus tours are great for business groups, to incorporate into conferences, networking, and teambuilding. Optus Perth Business Centre for their rewards and incentives have been on a couple and are going on another one soon

Group sizes can start from six people upwards I mean we have activities where this minimum 90 for some private function. Numbers can vary and are unique with each business. Also we look at the age groups and interested of the groups in the business culture as well.

So I think you can see we cover a variety of different packages of events and teambuilding activities.

In addition to our events we can also organise transport.
So apart from buses this can also include other vehicles like limos, flash cars, helicopters.

The person I really need is the person who can see the advantage of events and teambuilding in the work place and also makes the decision.
For example this could be the owner, manager, or an employee that looks after this and communicates with their manager.

Industries that are targeted are
Building Industry
Tradies (Larger size business)
Firms with Accountants, Financial Brokers, Insurance brokers, Engineers, Lawyers,

I would like to thank everyone for listening about A1 Corporate Events.
I hope now there is more understanding of the business
Any questions please ask me and certainly I am happy to have meetings to discuss anything further with anyone here or referrals.



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